About CAHA

The Chattanooga Area Historical Association is a citizen’s group concerned with preserving the history of the SE Tennessee Region with special interest in sites within a fifty mile radius of Chattanooga.

Chartered in 1948, the primary purpose of the Association has been to foster preservation of records relating to the history of Chattanooga and the surrounding area.

Prior to the CAHA organization, there had been two other historical groups in this area. The Chattanooga Historical Association was Chartered in 1889, and the Chattanooga Historical Society was organized in 1905. Both organizations were instrumental in collecting and preserving historical records, a heritage which CAHA strives to continue.

The Chattanooga Area Historical Association offers an excellent opportunity to become involved in the preservation and knowledge of our regional heritage. The Chattanooga area is rich in historical significance, from Indian civilizations, to DeSoto, to the Civil and Revolutionary Wars up to the present.

In addition to our annual luncheon, CAHA offers programs and bus trips of historical interest. Meeting places vary with prominent speakers knowledgeable in their topics.

Membership in CAHA is open to the public. Join us and help preserve regional history!


To learn more about area history
To help preserve area historical records
To aid in collection and preservation of documents pertaining to regional history.
To enjoy regional historical tours.
To hear addresses by outstanding speakers.
To receive CAHA’s Newsletter and Journal.
To aid in publishing articles and books pertaining to area history.
To enjoy the fellowship of others who are interested in history and preservation.



Primary and secondary source materials including newspapers, diaries, letters and Census records, have been collected by CAHA and deposited in the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bi-Centennial Library.
CAHA seeks to cooperate with area, state, regional, and national groups whose purposes are related which have included joint meetings with East Tennessee, and Tennessee Historical Societies and joint projects with area genealogical groups.
Outstanding materials preserved have been the David M Key Papers (1830-1903)
Among publications sponsored by CAHA are “An Illustrated History of Chattanooga” by Dr. James Livingood; “Chattanooga, Yesterday and Today”, a three volume set by Heiner Printing Company; and “A Walk With History, a bibliography of Chattanooga history, compiled by Mrs. Joan Franks, former president of CAHA.
Addresses given at the annual luncheon have been published in pamphlet form as well as in the Bi-Annual Journal which also includes articles by members and others with historical knowledge.

For more information, contact:
Chattanooga Area Historical Association
Post Office Box # 8755
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37414-8755


Chattanooga Area Historical Association
2005 By-Laws

Article I

The name of the corporation is the Chattanooga Area Historical Association (hereafter referred to as the "Association.")

Article II

Corporate Status
The Association was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Tennessee and has sought all the rights appurtenant thereto.

Article III

The location of the principal office of the Association has been in the County of Hamilton in the State of Tennessee.

Article IV

A. To acquire, mark, and preserve historical points and sites

B. To establish and maintain historical museums.

C. To collect, preserve, and own such records, books and manuscripts, chrts, and other material as may be deemed worthy of a place in its archives.

D. To buy, own, or sell such property, real and personal, as may be necessary to carry out the objects of the creation of said Association.

E. To print, publish and distribute, pamphlets, books, and papers of a historical nature.